4 tubes – served with a Marinara sauce

Layers of corn tortilla,  a creamy sauce blended with cheese, green chilies and chicken, then topped with cheddar cheese.

“THE Best in town!” Made with our hearty meat sauce – no just cheese and sauce.

Blended mix of vegetables making them just as hearty as our meat sauce.
•Small serves 2-3  $20.00
•Medium serves 6-8  $50.00
•Large serves 10-12  $65.00

Serves 3-4 guests

Fresh romaine with artichoke hearts, black olives, parmesan cheese with our Italian dressing.

Fresh romaine, parmesan cheese, croutons with our homemade Caesar dressing.

Iceberg, garbanzo beans, mozzarella cheese, salami, chicken, tomatoes and green onions.

Available from our freezer

2 per order
•Meatballs and cheese $7.00
•Chicken, sundried tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella cheese and pesto $8.50
•Short ribs, potatoes & mozzarella cheese $11.00

8 per bag

Great for sandwiches, wraps or salad (2 lb)
House BBQ sauce available

(2.5lb – 3lb) Sold by weight approx.
A few suggestions-slice for stir fries, steak salad, sandwiches or serves as a steak!

Make dinner fast just serve overs your favorite pasta or chicken breast
Creamy Marinara – our marinara sauce made into a rich sauce $15.00
Southwest Sauce – a creamy sauce blended with cheese, green chilies.  One of our house favorites-not spice $16.50
Meat Sauce – we really put the meat in this sauce! $17.00
Steak Sugo – this came from my brothers restaurant (Benetti’s Coos Bay, OR). Grilled onions and mushrooms, steak mixed with our meat sauce.  $23.00
Louisiana – a creamy red sauce with light flavors of Mardi Gras $15.00
Alfredo – always a classic $15.00

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